My name is Chris Combes, and I am a photographer based in the UAE. I turned professional in 2017 after having spent over 25 years as a steel trader, predominantly in the Middle East.
This website is a showcase for my corporate and commercial work which is aimed at serving the photographic needs of business and government entities be it for industry exhibitions, opening events, press conferences, corporate promotion, sporting and cultural occasions, graduation and award ceremonies, studio and environmental portraiture, industrial and corporate assets, project documentary, and so forth. Clients comprise PR, media and film companies, industrial groups, private companies, and sports clubs.
Whilst firmly adhering to fulfilling the client brief, I also endeavour to capture moments that fall between the lines; moments which can convey an unstated emotion and show a glimpse of the extraordinary in what can sometimes seem ordinary proceedings.
The moniker camera aesthetica which I go by is a play on the different meanings of the word camera in the English and Latin languages and encompasses my unwavering desire to create a sense of beauty within the images.
Away from corporate photography, I enjoy travel and underwater photography as well as non-photographic pursuits such as playing guitar and tennis.

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